Why are MM ecigs the best choice?

Get rid of odour
Get rid of odour.

Unlike classic cigarettes, MM electronic cigarettes will not leave unpleasant odour on your chlotes, nor bitterness in your mouth.

E-cigaretts do not burn or create smoke. They create only vapor with pleasent smell that will not leave unpleasent traces after smoking.

E-cigarettes are significantly cheaper option
E-cigarettes are significantly cheaper option.

The purchase of e-cigarettes will improves your budget significantly. Save up to 5 times more money!

For example: if you smoke a pack of classic cigarettes per day, cost for e-cigarettes will be 5eur to 10eur per week!

The e-cigarettes are much healthier option
The e-cigarettes are much healthier option.

Basic ingredients of the vapor you inhale by smoking an e-cigarette are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), with the addition of nicotine and food flavoring.

PG is often used in food products and it is generally recognized as safe ingredient. VG is a herb derivative, and it is also widely used in food, drinks and cosmetic industry.

Food flavorings in MM e-cigarettes are on natural base, unlike cheaper e-cig variants which use chemical flavourings.

From more than 4000 harmful ingredients in classic cigarettes, e cigarettes consist only nicotine in strenght by your choice!



And much more...
And much more....

E-cigarettes do not produce smoke, but vapor, so there is no danger of passive smoking.

There is no ash, so you don't need an ashtray.

No need for a lighter and no open flame and danger of causing a fire.

Your social life, especialy with non smokers, could improve significantly smile

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